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A guide to driving in France , the facts you should known. Just another thing to remember when you are planning a trip, but pretty easy to comply with. Safety vests and warning triangles are required in . Driving and riding in France are vastly different experiences to driving and riding.

All cars driving in France must by law carry a red warning triangle , available from any motoring store, and also a yellow fluorescent jacket. You must use a warning triangle and have your hazard warning .

From motorways to departmental roads and country lanes, the French road network. Drivers must position the warning triangle on the road surface immediately . What are the latest regulations for driving in France ? Full, valid driving licence . Warning triangle – driving in France. Hazard warning lights alone are NOT always sufficient.

It sits in my car ready for the day I drive to France and break down. The AA are reporting that although the law requiring that cars (including cars registered outside France ) carry a warning triangle and reflective .

Auto Europe provides tips for driving and parking your rental car in France. The French law requires each car to carry warning triangles and a French government certified (NF) breathalyser or alcohol detection test kit. A Breathalyser is NOT compulsory. Quality approved Reflective warning triangle. Planning on crossing the Channel in our car ferry to France , or driving to France.

Driving speeds are limited throughout the French road network. These regulations apply to all. Latest travel advice for France including safety and security, entry requirements, travel. Inside France : High Visibility Jackets – Before you visit France , visit.

A warning triangle is also obligatory under the same law – this may be kept in the boot . If you are visiting France and are looking for some tips on the rules of the road. Watch our video and read our top tips for drive to France travelling with Eurotunnel Le Shuttle saving time and money. Go online and book your journey now. If you see a red-bordered triangle with thick black arrow, or a yellow diamond with.

When driving in France , all drivers from Ireland must have:. Driving in France is one of those things some people love and others hate. Useful driving information for vehicle drivers in France from the UK and Ireland.

Sunscreen, bikini, hazard warning triangle , hi-vis jacket?

Europe), a breathalyser (in France ), a length of rope (Serbia) and a spare pair of . Cruise along the most scenic roads in France with Hertz Car Rental. Hertz has more than 3car rental branches in France at all the key. The vehicle must be equipped with a warning triangle and a luminous safety vest must be kept inside the car – not in the boot.

British motorists caught in France without reflective jackets or warning triangles stored in the boot for emergencies face on-the-spot fines from . Get tips and advice about driving in France and make sure you stay safe. Advice and tips about driving in France including information on French law and driving regulations. You must carry a full driving licence – the minimum age for driving in France is.

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