Thorlux realta micro

Applications: Schools, hospitals, retail and other commercial environments. Final exit door illumination. Complements its larger brother the Realta. These lights have an integral battery and will . Modern energy-saving lamp in a particularly compact full-spiral formOSRAM DULUX SUPERSTAR MICRO TWIST energy-saving lamps offer . Produktbeskrivelse: Lav effekts eksteriør armatur med hus i støpt LMaluminium full polyester pulver lakkert, graphite som standar . We provide huge selection of Automation for your daily life. Thorlux products should not be modified.

If you are looking for Business, Office . Wykonana jest ona z odlewu aluminiowego wykończonej poliestrem (odporna na korozję), . The Realta micro is a compact wall-mounted luminaire which offers energy efficient lighting. LED EXTERIOR LUMINAIRES – PAGE 22. PRODUCT CODE : REALTA MICRO. Samen met de Realta , een groter armatuur voor toepassingen aan de. Realta Micro is een armatuur voor de buitengevel.

Anwendungsbeispiele: Schulen, Krankenhäuser, Einzelhandel und weitere Gewerbeflächen. Ergänzt seinen großen Bruder Realta. Micro version available for low light level applications or emergency exit lighting.

THORLUX LIGHTING STARBEAM LED. A) and many tens or hundreds of thousands of volts at high frequency (typically around mHz) over micro – to millisecond short .