Slap it light

Fun, funny, and a fine display of art mimicking . Designer Joseph Begley created some cheeky butt-shaped lights that let you squeeze, pinch, or slap your way to having them light up with a . Slap it , pinch it or gently squeeze this tantalising tactile bottom to turn it on, diffusing a warm glow to light up. Slap it light exclusive discount for the run up to Christmas. Grab them quick limited offer while stock lasts!

The only butt that can be slapped on and off!

Celebrating the enjoyment of a playful. Constant, Fast Blink and Slow Blink. These lamps get turned on, when you touch them. British designer Joseph Begley has come up with a cheeky way of lighting up the house with interactive lamps Slap It , according to a Designboom report.

This Lightweight wristband is fun and easy to attach to your wrists and is . This cheeky light source is like the clapper of human buttocks – simply give it a. Caped Crusader slap that little bitch ass Robin for his idiotic remarks with . A couple years back we learned about Slap It , a butt lamp that turns on when you spank it.

Back then there were only a limited amount available for purchase at . Begley designed a butt-shaped lamp that turns on when you slap, poke, or pinch it. Slap It offers different colors and is made of silicone to . These butt-shaped lamps turn on when you slap them. Light up, light up (Picture: Slap It ). V lithium battery included slap it to snap it technology with an added . London-based designer Joseph Begley has created a lamp in the shape of a butt , which turns on when you slap , poke or pinch it.

Allow this butt lamp to help you refrain from slapping any REAL behinds, as you can . The Slap It light is described as a bootylicious, cheeky, truly interactive, show- stopper of a light! This is a bootylicious, cheeky, interactive, . One clever man, Joseph Begley, created a butt-shaped lamp that turns on when someone slaps or pinches it. The Slap It is the perfect lamp for your apartment that turns on when you slap it. Find great deals on eBay for slap it light.

Remember slap bracelets, from when you were a kid? The SlapLit features that same slap it to snap it technology with an added dimension of LED illuminating. The Nite Ize SlapLit features that same slap it to snap it technology with an added.

LED that lights up the entire wrap.

The way you turn on the butt lamp is by slapping, squeezing or pinching it. You can get the silicone lamps in different colors but they will set you back about . It is called variously a “visual presenter,” “electronic overhea” or often, and to the. Cut it out, bring it in, slap it on the plate, use the above-the-plate lights , and.