Rotating disco light bulb

Bult-in RGB (re blue, green) color mode mixing. Light up your home party with this romantic automatic intelligent strobe light. Same Day delivery days a week £3.

Create a festive atmosphere with this 2-in-Paradise LED bulb. Choose between two color options: white or multicolored disco mode. This LED Party Light Bulb is a truly electrifying touch when hosting a party!

I bought one of these and used it for a couple months, but it seems the plastic is cracking under tension from. Check out my channel for links to other places I post things! Best Deal BEST DEAL LED ROTATING BULB IN MULTI-COLOR-PC Single Disco. Instantly turn any room into a party!

This rotating disco light bulb fits into any stadard 110V light bulb fixture and spins without batteries. A rotating diamond shaped lens and brightly colored LED lights bring a disco. Next: Philips GLS Specialties Bulb. Is your disco ball not sending out groovy beams of light anymore?

The most common problem is the light bulb is burnt out.

This guide will teach you how to . The SEDRVB LED disco bulb provides unique lighting and a party atmosphere thanks to its RGB LEDs and its rotating glass. The key to your next successful disco party. The Bbase enables it to screw directly into a light socket. Rotating LED Disco Light Bulb.

Base socket type:BOR B27. Heat Sink Material: High Strength Aluminum. Unplug immediately and discontinue use if bulb , enclosure, or high voltage power. Always turn off lamp when not in use. Online Shopping at lowest price from bookthewish.

This disco lights for party and festival decoration with colourful disco light to save percent energy. Take your light display to the next level with this LED disco color changing lamp bulb. Features a full color spectrum of color and rotating LED disc inside. PRICE is firm FREE POSTAGE AVAILABLE 1 brand new and high quality Easy . Got kids that love disco , karaoke or dance parties?

Do you love disco and karaoke parties? Be it a birthday party, graduation party or. Sound reactive Disco Lights , strobes, lasers, fog machine – and dont forget.

Kaleidoscopic Party Bulb £8. Plug and Play into a regular light bulb fitting. Auto rotating and sound to light.