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UVC lamp for sterilizing water and to remove algae and bacteria from garden ponds. These lamps have a push in pin Gbase and work with many. Casell Flykiller lamp PLS 11w with Pins.

Also used for curing glue in nail shops . Energy saving lamp PLS 11W 8GPhili.

Double click on above image . PLS 11W GBL3UV-GREEN PIN Dual Band Blacklight. Manufacturers Part Number, TGX11 . View the complete Eco passport. Details: PLS – 11w TUV compact germicidal lamps emit radiation at 253.

Fast delivery and excellent service! Pienoisloistelamppu Master PL-S W G23.

Optimaalinen valovirta lyhyeen tai pitkään yhtäjaksoiseen käyttöön. MASTER PL-S is an efficient low-wattage compact fluorescent lamp, typically used for decorative and. PLS Compact 11W , low energy lamp for use in a variety of applications including signs, bollards, security lights and cooker hoods. TUV PL-S lamps are compact UVC (germicidal) lamps used in residential water and air disinfection units.

Doordat de lamp met slechts een vermogen van 11W een lichtopbrengst van 8. GBase 9lumens, European 11W CFL. Find great deals for SYLVANIA PLS 11w GBl3Blacklight. Shop with confidence on eBay! PLS Kompaktrør Fatning: GPin: Længde inkl.

About of these are ultraviolet lamps, are energy. PLS Pin Watt Dual Band Blacklight BL3Fly Killer Tube 11W. De Philips spaarlamp staaf GPL-S 11W (= 75W) is een spaarlamp die geschikt is voor een Gfitting.

Dankzij het gebruik van spaarlamptechnologie heeft . Se billigste Philips TUV PL-S Fluorescent Lamp 11W G➔ Laveste pris kr. Radość zakupów i bezpieczeństwo dzięki .

Lampe UVC – Dangereux pour les yeux et la peau. Dane: Rodzaj świetlówki: PL-S. PL-S 11W Bulbs Single Turn 2pin Compact Fluorescent GWhite available online from our extensive range of Standard Bulbs at CleaningProducts.

Ruime voorraad van Philips tuv pls 11w Verlichting bij Klusspullen voor maar €1per stuk.