Led ice cubes uk

The ice cubes glow when touching liqui enhancing the mood and cooling . Perfect for parties, these food grade plastic ice cubes light up your drinks. Impress your party guests with these LED glowing. Flashing ice cubes made from food grade plastic for fun light up drinks. Looking for Light up Ice cubes in Blue?

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Low prices and fast delivery throughout Europe, request for a login, right now. The LED lights have assorted settings – quick, slow, always on or always off. With a red liquid activated LED this cube can be cooled and re used over and again in.

Blue flashing ice cubes with flash, quick-flash or static colour mode functions. These ice cube -shaped lights . Colour-changing cubes light up when in contact with liquid. UK double or EU double, £2for a UK king or EU king, . They are selling a product to light up your drinks with their innovative Ice3.

The Iceis a reusable ice cube that lights up with an LED light, . Made from re-freezable plastic and with . Our LED ice cubes are both fun and safe and are made from a non-toxic FDA compliant, freezable gel sealed inside of a light cube. Ice Cube Twist 5-Light Semi Flush Mount. LITECUBES- Ice – Cube -Lights- LED – Light-Up -Lamp-Party-Xmas-Pubs-Bars-Multi- Colors- UK. LED Cubes are the perfect way to light up your party, set a vibe or get your.

Reusable, Non-toxic, Different Light Modes. Whether shaken or stirred: with the Klarstein On-The-Rocks ice cube maker, drinks always get the extra ice-bullet! Small but wow: with its space-saving . Ideal for parties, weddings, bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs. Ds powertek pled solar ice. Can be placed in cocktail glasses, vases, kids glasses or a bathtub.

We offer for hire these LED ice buckets, we think they are a great accessory with your. The LED cubes are battery operated and so there is no need for any . Bring an exciting modern edge to your home with this exquisite multi drop . Funky ultra-modern rectangular shaped LED unit, ideal for displays or exhibits. Give your beverages some visual appeal by chilling them with these LED color changing ice cubes. This pack of Powertek square glass brick LED solar lights shaped like ice cubes are suitable on tables, paths, decking and patios or anywhere in the garden .

Color Changing Water Submersible LED Liquid Sensor Night Light. Our brief: to come up with a symbolic lighting art piece for the city. It was a fresh and exciting challenge.