Hammaro lighting paper

This surprisingly effective lighting paper is made of chlorine-free fibrous paper pulp and stearin, a naturally-occuring non-toxic biodegradable wax. Perfect for when other tinder is wet or not available. Lighting paper to help start fires. Ideal for use on BBQ, camp fires or when any form of fire may be needed.

Enough for up to 1fires, this waxy fibrous lighting paper can be lit with a flint- striker and makes lighting stoves effortless. All-natural, non-toxic and .

Compact, light , efficient and it. Environmentally friendly fire starter – Biodegradable. Hammaro lighting paper tinder card. Essential survivalist and prepper equipment. A flammable piece of impregnated material, which when pulled apart shows its fibrous nature . This is a safe and simple way to start a fire with woo pellets or charcoal without spreading poisonous gases and a nasty smell . Un allume feu efficace, compact et écologique.

Light the second piece with a flint and steel, and use it like a slow burning match, placing it on top of the first piece . Made of compressed paper pulp and what appears to be candle wax.

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