Fiilex lights

Compact, Powerful and Portable. The light looks to be solidly made and features a robust housing. Has anyone ever used these lights before? They were at NAB earlier this year and I . Because these lights are constant, I assumed that I would be able to shoot. The technology at the core of LED lighting is s. The K3Pro combines three P3Pro lights and three Fresnel Zoom Lenses into a K-Series rolling travel case.

Advanced LED Lights for Photography and Videography featuring Dense Matrix LED technology. The P1is a versatile on-camera light. Control of the color temperature facilitates unlimited lighting applications.

The model we use is the S2Mini All-Weather Interview Kit. This light is portable, bright, . It allows you to focus the . Used by filmmakers, broadcasters, and photographers, these intense lights feature, . Fiilex K2Two- Light Interview Kit. Using LED lighting is a new experience for me. It includes a dome diffuser, a dome . The Kit for All Seasons” The K4Lighting Kit is a powerful four light kit that will weather the storm.

All lights have an amazing IP-rating. Buy instant insurance at the lowest rates, book online, and meet amazing filmmakers and media professionals. The D-Tap Cable (also known as P-Tap) is designed for an . The kit includes three P360s . Like most expensive photography equipment, they seemed over-priced until I . Click the links below to browse lighting for rental or purchase.