Fake tv security light

Buy Response FTVFake TV Simulator Light at Argos. Thousands of products for same day delivery £3. FakeTV is a burglar deterrent that recreates the light of real HDTV television.

This Fake TV light (model FTV-11) is very convincing in my opinion. TV simulator is that it recreates the light of a real TV through the . Place it near a window to make it look . With the use of this device you can go for holidays or on vacation . And when they see the light from a television , most people assume someone must be. The Fake TV switches on automatically at dusk – simply place it so the light will reflect onto a wall and the internal Light . FakeTV does this by recreating exactly the sort of light produced by a real HDTV. STV– Fake Home Security TV.

Light from FakeTV, just like light from a real TV, is constantly changing. Fake TV does this by recreating exactly the sort of light produced by a real HDTV. Fake TV uses a built-in computer, one dozen multi-colored LEDs, a light sensor , and a four-position timer to help create the appearance that . Burglar, Intruder, and Thief Deterrent.

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Learn more about using a fake TV light box for home security. Discover the best fake TV lights to deter burglars in a clever way. It is an excellent burglar deterrent which I believe is more effective than simply having .