Downlight spring clip instructions

These instructions on wiring and installation are provided as a guideline to assist. Point the spring clips upwards and fit the two longer arms into the ceiling . The ceiling surface must be flat and smooth to ensure a good fit. Push the spring clips upwards and fit into the ceiling hole. In the new extension, we have had some LED downlights installed.

Im sorry if this sounds like idiot instructions but you just never know.

These can be a little fiddlly if you are trying to install the clip incorrectly, they . Read ALL the instructions before using these downlights. Holding the spring clips up, insert the down. Fold back spring clips and insert into cutout.

This series of downlights has achieved an IC-F insulation rating in. Please read these instructions before installing your new fitting. Downlight Fitting (Body with Clips ). New LED downlights come with two simple clips which the user has to attach to the lamp themselves.

This video shows how to install the spring -loaded retention clips onto the aspectLED Ultra-Thin recessed LED. K, Integral LED driver, White. For loose fitting housing use the three slide-on retaining clips provided. In a downlight with spring clips.

Replaceable Trim Installation Instructions. Remove torsion spring brackets by removing (2) screws and replace with spring clips. To Install Recessed Light Clips : 1. Please see the instructions on how to reset the drivers to factory settings if this occurs. Carefully bend springs clips upwards and install new LED downlight. Release the spring clips once they have entered the void.

Elsworth House, Herries Road South. READ ALL WARNINGS AND INSTRUCTIONS PRIOR TO INSTALLING THE KOBI COMMERCIAL. Compress the spring clips on the LED downlight and insert. To install, attach the spring clips to the body of the unit by. Save these instructions for future use.

Read all instructions before beginning. Torsion spring receiving clips.

DLEDRetrofit unit is designed to fit nominal 6” Existing. READ AND UNDERSTAND THESE INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE INSTALLING FIXTURE. Series Frame-In Kits, squeeze REFLECTOR SPRING from inside.