Cool grow lights

Looking to create a cooler garden that produces higher quality crops? Check out these ten time-honored tips for setting up air- cooled grow lights the right way, . Air cooled grow lights seem to polarize growers. They are effective in smaller spaces and low-height.

Hydroponics Coolshade Air Cooled Reflector Shade Grow Light Hood.

Fan size will depend on the size of your room or grow tent. Water Cooled Lighting – It is more efficient to cool your lights with water than air . We stock a great range of air- cooled indoor hydroponic grow light reflectors. A reflector is an essential part of a grow light system to prevent light being wasted. Use inline duct fans to help cool your reflector and exhaust out excess heat.

Want to know how to set up an air- cooled HID grow light for your indoor garden? Currently, the best grow lamp is the California Light Works SolarStorm 440W. Your goal is to remove excess heat – not dim the light by cooling the lamp.

Air at a similar temperature to the grow room best suits air cooled lighting. I know water cooling grow lights is an esoteric concept, as just about every other company in the world only makes lights that are air cooled. Air- Cooled Grow Lights are a great way to keep your grow room temperatures under control – regardless of the outside temperatures!

When you think about an efficient cooling strategy that can be monitored. Motorized light movers transport grow lights back and forth along . Air- cooled grow lights open up some really interesting parts of the plant world to the indoor gardener. The dangers of excess heat from lights and bad ventilation in grow rooms can be extremely dangerous to plants. Learn how to keep plants cool. The easiest — and cheapest — way to set-up an air- cooled grow light reflector and carbon filter is to hang the filter before your hood and . For indoor hydroponics growing, setting up air cooled grow lights means better cooling for HID lamps like HPS and MH, reducing cooling costs . Each of these types will reflect light down onto your plants, but . For indoor growing operations requiring 1 artificial lighting, Sunmaster . The ViaVolt Air Cooled Deluxe Grow Light Reflector offers the latest in air- cooled lighting technology with massive light dispersion to cover a solid ft.

Hydro Crunch offers affordable and quality indoor garden equipment for start-up and for seasoned growers. Our reflectors allow your grow lights to be distributed. This is a necessary step to keep your entire grow room from overheating! You may also use water- cooled lamps to keep the grow room cooler, .

Measuring in at 23” x 17”, the air cool hood can maximize every lumen that the light bulb produces, making it the best choice for large-area growing. We here at Grow Lights Canada know reflectors, we some of the highest quality reflectors at the lowest price possible. If you find a reflector at a lower price we . The obvious solution was to switch to LED grow lights.

But that still dumps a lot of heat into the grow space. Unlike the traditional grow lights.