Colour changing disco lights

This is a Really simple, cheep, project that I made while waiting for new years eve. Music : Automatically change colors according to sounds in sequence. Just change color with music rhythm( voice). Our new LED colour changing party light is perfect for use at home.

It projects the coloured light all aroun changing and responding to the beat of the music. Turn your screen into a disco light.

Smoothly changing colors (1bpm). These color – changing disco ball party string lights are also battery operated. Our quick and easy DIY disco ball tutorial is the perfect solution and addition to your gathering. Take the disco with you wherever you go with this fun Colour – Changing USB Disco.

Choose one USB disco light for $or pick up two for $– both with free . When I was asked for a colour changing disco ball , the custom manufacturing pound-signs flashed through my mind! It creates a beautifull disco effect on the walls, . Low heat power consumption and high brightness.

Color : RGB Mix Multi Changing Color. Light up great Christmas party. Choose colors to match your moo set the speed and share with friends! Using a remote device, this colour changing mini disco ball is straightforward to command and the illumination alters the light using the beat of the tunes through. This powerful magic Disco light transforms your sitting room into a disco floor.

Check out the superb colour display and be the envy of your friends. Pretty Pink Colour Changing Pineapple Lamp. Create a miniature discotheque in the comfort of your own home with this disco light and get the party started! Bring the party wherever you go with iBT1color changing rechargeable Bluetooth speaker.

The iBT1has two audio sources: Bluetooth wireless audio. Why would you want to spend extra money on color – changing smart lights instead. I only bought this light for my daughters room BECAUSE I thought disco mode was already available like it is for Philips hue. This rotating LED disco bulb creates a bright coloured kaleidoscope effect. Translucent housing for an extra effect.

LED light effect generating dynamic, bright patterns. Specification 57x 5mm LED : red-green-blue-white-amber . Colour changing paper lantern hire for barn weddings and events.

This video shows a canopy of disco lanterns combined with fairy lights. Strobe effects, re green and blue three colors change. Its light spot on the wall, effectglass ball , very bright and powerful. Control rotation spee colors .