Citronella incense sticks outdoor

Keep the outdoor air clear of pesky mosquitoes with these powerful citronella incense sticks. Citronella Garden Tea Light Candles. Pure, potent essential oils help defend your family and friends from . Incense sticks made with pure citronella oil.

This delightful citronella , lemongrass and geranium incense will clear the air with a crisp, delightful fragrance.

While keeping pesky insects away. CITRONELLA INCENSE STICKS Outdoor Garden Mood Scent Agarbathi Mosquito Repellant. Shop with confidence on eBay!

Formulated to be used outdoors , each stick will help you enjoy your outdoor entertaining for . Protect your outdoor entertaining area from annoying mozzies with Bitesheild citronella incense. Each coil burns for seven hours and contains citronella. Length of incense sticks approx: 26cm .

These outdoor incense sticks are soaked with a blend of citronella and lemongrass oils to keep the pest away . Infused with citronella oil, these potent incense sticks keep the bugs. Keep pesky bugs at bay without toxic chemicals. Perfect for summertime barbecues and working in the garden.

Great for picnics, camping, outdoor weddings . Usage: Idle for outdoor areas like garden, balcony etc. Instructions: Never leave burning incense stick unattended. Pack of citronella incense sticks.

Deter flying insects from your garden with these citronella incense sticks. They burn slowly, each stick lasting for approximately an hour, and emit their . Spend time outdoors bug-free the natural way with citronella incense sticks. Using a highly concentrated mixture of citronella oil and natural ingredients, protect . Brazilian andiroba with citronella , rosemary and thyme, Amazon Lights premium outdoor products . Recommended to be used outdoors especially in garden areas . The incense sticks are ideal for use when entertaining outdoors. Lights garden candles, incense cones and incense sticks to help keep your outdoor living spaces free .

Insert tapered point of metal holder into end of incense that is not burning. These citronella incense sticks work great! One hour burn time per stick. Ideal for using at picnics,. Santalum Estate is a premium range of incense sticks ideal for outdoor protection against mozzies.

They contain 1 essential oils like citronella and . Get rid of them with these awesome smelling incense sticks : Amazon Lights All-natural. Santalum Sandalwood Sticks are a premium range of incense sticks ideal for outdoor protection against mozzies! For all the latest arrivals, style news and offers from Everything Outdoor , to our weekly newsletter .