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Blue flashing lights are the main colour associated with emergency services in the UK. But seriously, there are three colours of flashing beacons seen on vehicles on roads. Also flashing amber lights are used by security companies when responding.

But they still have to obey by uk laws. The world and his wife is able to purchase and drive round with an amber light on the roof of their vehicles , often for no reason whatsoever .

Permit abnormal load escort vehicles to use amber warning beacons when. Allow flashing blue lights to be fitted to pedal cycles used by the emergency. In the UK – No flashing light is allowed on any personal vehicle of any colour with the.

In the United States it seems everyone has a flashing amber light. Garbage trucks , mail trucks, snow plows, highway department vehicles , . It should also be noted that UK legislation considers all lights , . Only emergency vehicles can be fitted with blue flashing lights ,.

I have clear lensed amber led warning lights fitted to my car. If my memory serves, any vehicle was entitled to use a flashing amber beacon if . To determine whether vehicles fitted with amber warning beacons are sufficiently. There is some evidence to suggest that flashing lights are effective in attracting.

QYou are on a dual carriageway. Ahead you see a vehicle with an amber flashing light. A: An ambulance B: An fire engine C: A doctor on . Unlike blue lights , amber lights offer no priority in traffic, and are. Flashing lights on emergency vehicles can only flash between and times . Shop with confidence on eBay! Lighting Shields, Headlight Flash Units, Dash and Window Warning Lights.

LED modules, dash lights and message. Whether your needs are a single amber rotator beacon or a fully populated . Free delivery on eligible orders. Do you know what green, re amber or blue flashing lights really mean.

The flashing blue lights and sirens of police, ambulances and fire engines.

In the UK , if you want to fit a blue flashing light in your vehicle then you would be in. What should you do when a UK emergency vehicle comes up behind you? Cutting edge technology could cut congestion on UK roads, here is why. Officer and Incident Support vehicles using flashing amber lights.

These warn of a slow-moving vehicle (such as a road gritter or recovery vehicle ) or a vehicle which has . This Highway Code applies to England , Scotland and Wales. Vehicles with flashing amber lights. The Highway Code is essential reading for everyone.

Never heard of red and amber flashing lights then?