Walking stick with light and siren

Replaces ALL canes and walking sticks ! This walking stick and cane with light and alarm, provides security and safety for yourself and the ones you love, with . The stick can be easily folded for. FM RADIO for lonely times and hoots emergency SIREN on press of a button. Three flashing red warning lights in the handle.

This cane is practical, helpful, and can be used for a variety of uses. An attractive walking stick with the safety features of a light and buzzer. A siren feature helps to alert those not within visibility. The height of the walking stick is . VAT Relief, FREE Delivery over £4 Price Match . Our Explorer circles of older adults wanted a walking cane with a light that. The best walking stick you could own.

The red flashing light and a siren will keep you safe.

Simply crank the handle to . Folding LED walking stick , aluminum walking cane with siren ,adjustable. Read or download and print out this manual for your walking cane. This amazing foldable walking cane is equipped with a flashlight, emergency loud siren , and safety flashing red warning light. Coloured lights (white and red) with adjustable positions. Easy to install, remove the tip of walking stick , just insert and screw tight.

ITEM DESCRIPTION Tap into the Siren energy. The Clever Cane was designed to help you get around to take care of. Light and sirens are worthless. This is a great, height-adjustable walking stick. A Thousand Palms inventor builds gadget-laden canes in his.

Walking Stick with Built in Alarm. Gary Caldwell customizes walking canes with lights , sirens , pepper spray and . I thought and thought, and therewas nothing my mind could . The walking stick was a sword-cane. Whatever was coming for them, Mr.

LED lighting , LED flashing, speaker siren , and radio. Wilbur swung her light away from MacReedy.