Thorn ballast

The new Thorn products are here! For use with electronic stepless dim DALI ballast . Our ballasts for fluorescent lamps offer the right functionality at the highest level of quality. Electronic fixed output more.

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The Thorn and Zumtobel brands are thus encouraging the replacement of luminaires with magnetic ballasts by luminaires with electronic or electronically . Controlling the electricity supply to the lamp. A high protection IPfluorescent range for use in low temperature environments. Robust industrial ballast ensures operation in low temperature environments . Svengal, Thorn , and Stig stood ina tight group.

Stig supervised the rest of the crew as they emptied the ship of stores and the ballast rocks that lay below the deck. He grinned apologetically at Thorn. Two digital outputs, automatically detecting the ballast type use either DSI or DALI: .

William Hamilton, hauling one horse loads of ballast stone at 25. Thorn Lighting driver konstant utviklig and forbedring av sine produkter. In full working order, salvaged from a scrap fixture. Thorn lamps and l¡ghtÌng equipment is provided with. The Zumtobel Group includes the subsidiaries of Zumtobel, Thorn , Tridonic,.

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All descriptions, illustrations . Ballast Water and Hull Fouling. The right is reserved to change specifications.