T5 49w lamp

Philips Energy Advantage THO 49W lamps are environmentally-responsible, ultra-slim and have extraordinary light output. The TLuxline Plus triphosphor lamp is the ideal solution for indirect and . The Osram FQ HO 49W 8GLumilux – 145cm Tis purposely designed to be slim, so it can be easily applied for different applications to create a stylish . Tfluorescent tubes are the future of fluorescent lighting. These lamps represent the most efficent lamps in terms of power to light. They are available in an ever .

W TFluorescent Tube – Daylight by QVS – The UKs Leading Electrical. TFLUORESCENT LAMP 49W – COOL WHITE. Made of satin grey lacquered extruded aluminium and intermediate . Up to smaller volume than comparable Tlamps. Kosnic KFT49T5HO Low Energy Light Bulb. K cool white low energy fluorescent tube.

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Tlamps are available for standard output and high output. The high-output T( THO) lamps. Fusion Fluorescent 49W High Output TLamps are available in a range of colour temperatures and are a cost efficient solution for producing uniform, ambient . Basic Twith its compact dimensions, provides easy installation and its design language enables the creation of. Louvre only available for 1- lamp luminaires. Product category: Surface mounted ceiling- and wall luminaire.

Suitable for number of lamps : 1. Lamp type: Fluorescent lamp T8. Choose from 24W, 39W, 49W , the popular 54W, and 80W versions in a range . The Light Bulb Shop (Tan Sales). The following lamps are available from an alternative manufacturer. At only 16mm diameter, the Tlinear fluorescent range is used in slim luminaires and fixtures. Available in High Efficiency (HE) for maximum energy saving or . The choice of single and twin lamp housing widths.

Chevin Tcontinues the Chevin Plus family tradition as. Examples include Philips 49W T5HO lamps and GE . W and 35W (HE), 49W and 54W (HO) T5. Supplied less lamps as standard.