Stage lighting safety cables

Free lighting advice and many items ship free! Shop with confidence on eBay! Times Square Lighting 45cm safety cable can be used for securing lights and lighting fixtures to truss or pipe.

Used when rigging lighting effects, this safety cable provides a secondary flexible coupling in addition to the regular. How much do you know about the lighting safety cables you are using for your theater or arena? Do you know the breaking strength and working loads of your safety cables ?

Test your knowledge of the safety aspects of stage rigging with our. Place the hook clamp fully over the lighting bar, ensuring it is not on top of any cables. Buy stage lighting accessories at Gear4music. Lighting stands, safety cables and clamps allow you to do this safely and securely whilst giving you the flexibilty.

The cable features a PVC coating. Hanging and Striking Lighting Fixtures. In college, basic tools are often furnished by the theatre , but in a professional.

Safety Cables can be used for stages, architectural lighting and much more.

Attach safety cables to all fixtures. Shin Buster: A luminaire placed as close to the stage floor as possible. Secure stage lights and more! Black Lights, – Follow Spots. Stage Lighting , – Architechural.

With incomparable safety as our mission and decades of real world touring. Safety cables are used to secure lighting instruments in case the C-clamp fails. GENERAL GUIDANCE ON STAGE LIGHTING SAFETY.

Electrical Safety for Entertainers. Do a max load capacity test before using the bond. Stainless Steel Safety Wire. Ideal for securing lights, par light, moving head light, projector light, etc. Department of Theatre and Dance General Safety Policies.

Purchase theatrical makeup, clown supplies, dance supplies,. NO ONE MAY SERVE ON A STAGE LIGHTING CREW WITHOUT READING AND. Use safety cables on all instruments and outboard accessories.

In addition, lighting equipment is heavy and can cause significant injuries if. Group cables in parallel lines and use Velcro rip-ties, theatrical cor or tieĀ .