Solar powered sensor light

Easy Do-It-Yourself Installation. Shop outdoor security lights now at BQ. Additional Colors Available.

The bright LED lamp can be adjusted to stay on from seconds to minutes . Solar Powered Security Lighting.

Provides you with mains free security lighting outside your home. Add security for less with this innovative motion sensor outdoor light. Three Intelligent Modes: Strong Long Light Mode,Dim Light Sensor Mode,Strong Light Sensor Mode. Description: Looking for the perfect outdoor security light for your garden, patio, or yard?

With its solar rechargeable panel , no need to expense money on battery. It is perfect for your driveway, stairs, yard or anywhere you need light. Follow our easy steps to install a solar – panel security light.

The solar panel sits at the top, . Discount prices and promotional sale on all. READ OUR REVIEW, CHECK PRICEon amazon. Set the light to illuminate for a short duration or continuously until manually turned off. Located on the front of the light there is a switch with positions.

AUTO”—when the switch is in the “AUTO” position the security light will turn . Just arrived the UKs brightest outdoor solar motion sensor PIR security light. All-in-one wireless and remote panel versions available. This means lower energy costs . Using the power of the sun, light any dark area and add extra security with the Sunforce 1LED Triple . No electricity cost: Recharged by solar panel under sunlight, and no battery replacement.

Never stumble in the dark again! Essentially, they consist of a panel of absorbent solar cells, which generate . Once 1sales are made – the price will be going back to $79. These lights are hung around houses, in gardens, parks and areas where . Upgraged 120° Detection Range: Built-in PIR motion sensor of our solar lights .

Medium Light Mode: It will charge in the day. Auto turn on medium light in darkness or at night. A Must-have for Everyone’s Garden to Accent Your Outer Decor.

The lighting time is about 4-hours . Thousands of products for same day delivery £3. During the day the sun solar panels to charge the battery, dark lighting power saving mode . Aside from its use as a deterrent, the bright white .