Solar panel motion sensor light

High performance solar panel. Worried about being outdoors in the dark at night? READ OUR REVIEW, CHECK PRICEon amazon. Add security for less with this innovative motion sensor outdoor light.

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The amorphous solar panel recharges the batteries even . Description: Looking for the perfect outdoor security light for your garden, patio, or yard? This wide angle motion sensor light that features LEDs at the front . Carefully route the power cord from the solar panel to the light , and plug it into the battery housing input. Adjust the motion sensor so that it faces the area . Each light comes equipped with a solar panel.

Recharged automatically by Sunshine and store power for night use.

Integrated design of PIR(Passive Infra Red) motion sensor night sensor. The light , itself, sits at a slight angle while the motion sensor and button sit at a much steeper angle. The solar panel sits at the top, . LEDs make this light extra bright! Bright enough for any outdoor application.

Solar Brilliance in the Darkest Night! And How To Enjoy Your Outside Swimming At Night? Upgraged 120° Detection Range: Built-in PIR motion sensor of our solar lights can detect up to 1degree with a longer sensor length of feet thus provides a . Smart and sensitive detector: This light will automatically turns on at. LED Lights, high brightness. Automatically sense day or night.

This environmentally friendly security light stores electrical power from sunlight during the day and uses it to provide motion – sensitive lighting at night. Feature: Led Color: White , Warm White, Blue, Changeable Design: Water drop Balls Quantity:. Main Unit: The main unit contains the LED lamp housing, motion sensor and battery . Light sensor and sensitive motion sensor , save energy.

This motion sensor light is great for light up pathways, entryways, stairs, and garages with its PIR motion sensor.

It can be installed under the roof, gutter or fixed . With pcs bright white led lamps and reflective intensifier, . Material: ABS Colors available: Black, White Light Color: White Dimension: x 11. Energy-efficient: This solar light works fine with normal daylight, but usually you need to put it in the direct sunlight, it will charge quicker.