Shower room lighting zones

Great care needs to be taken when choosing lighting for your bathroom , as there are strict regulations regarding the type of lights you can use. The different bathroom lighting zones require different levels of IP. If you have a wet room why not dot these lights across the floor as they are . Regulations as to which lights you are able to use in a bathroom. Bathroom and shower lighting for Zones 2.

Zone – The area stretching to 0. I have been requested to fit a towel rail into a wet room which is very small. Each zone requires that a light fitting has certain capabilities . Before any lighting installations are carried out in bathrooms it is essential to understand the significance of bathroom zones , as set out in the . One of the areas of the house we get asked the most questions about is the bathroom or wet room. A bathroom is split up into three different zones.

It makes the room look better and they will have a higher resistance to steam. This is the area inside the bath or shower basin and is rated at.

An understanding of bathroom lighting zones is important before installation takes place. Areas of the bathroom are split into zones and 2. What type of light fitting should I use, and how. Take a look at our design ideas and tips if you need help. We frequently get asked about the appropriate lights for use in the bathroom. Modern bathroom rated lighting , lights for wet rooms , shower lights , dressing room lights ,. What products can you fit where to ensure both safety and legal compliance.

The lights for zone are usually spot lights and recessed. IP ratings for bathroom zones. Or is the entire room being re-fitted with lighting as part of a bigger room re-design? Choosing the best lighting for the busiest room in the house, your bathroom , is so.

Australian bathrooms lighting requirements, regulations for the correct. Where this zone occurs in a bathroom is often the complex issue for . Read all about which bathroom lighting zones you can place your lights in to avoid mixing electricity and water together. For the purpose of safe lighting , the . Zone for a shower room is the area inside the shower basin.

Lighting used in these areas must carry.

IP = Protected against falling drops of water, when the enclosure is. By dividing the area of a bathroom into moisture zones , it is easier to . Discover where you can safely install your bathroom lighting.