Shower rated lights

For general illumination in the bathroom either use downlights for their refreshing colour or a high output flush ceiling fitting to suit the dècor. Zone – Inside the bath or shower. Any fittings used here must be SELV( Separated Extra Low Voltage – max.

12Volts) and have a minimum rating of IPX7( IP67) . Bathroom downlights can be used to create a relaxed ambience or bright functional lighting , depending on your requirements. A minimum of an IPrating is .

Whatever the shower light , it is critical to be aware that the light is appropriately rated and safe for a wet location, because showers are different from any other . Browse our wide selection of Wet Location Rated Recessed Lights. This means the light can withstand any water that may drip, splash or flow on or against . The best lights for a shower can be recesse fan combinations or surface mounted. A bathroom is split up into three different zones. What is the IP rating that a light fitting should have in the bathroom , and why do we need IP rating for lights ? Shower lights must be listed for wet location.

Explanation of bathroom Lighting zones with chart and IP (Ingress Protection) ratings table.

Browse flush lights , LEDs, downlights and more at BQ today. Add mood lighting to your bathroom with our range of IP rated wall lights. If the fixture may be subject to shower spray, it has to be rated for. The most important feature of your new shower light is a shower – rated or wet- location approved trim.

A trim with a label that says “UL Listed for . The right choice of lighting can dramatically improve the look of the bathroom , adding sparkle and shine to. Chrome LED Fire Rated Showerlight – Cool White. All of these lights are suitable for Zone – more than 600mm from shower door or bath. Less than this distance the light is required to be splashproof, and rated. The shower and tub areas are other locations where it makes sense to use can lights.

Housings used must be “wet” or “ shower -location” rated. Use the new LED IP rated bathroom fitting, the Waterspring, is perfect to skim light down the back wall of a shower or bath version for a low energy effect. There are Regulations on what lights can be used in different parts of the bathroom known as zones and lights should be IP rated for use within . The closer your light is to the water . If you are interested in recessed cans, there are many options of . Blown glass pendants – IP rated for bathroom use Fro£206.

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