Selecon followspot

Stagecraft Technical Services Ltd. PSU with DMX control, fitted with Schuko plug. If you need more help or advice call today to speak to one of our . Previous Post Place of Worship.

Throw distance of – metres. Ideal for small theatres and entertainment venues.

Followspots define a new standard of. Sorry, there are no products in this collection. All Prices Shown Exclude GST. EOE – We reserve the right to cancel . Includes new spare lamp ( T29) Booth mounting bracket.

Adjustable iris diaphragm with black out and protective guard. I have had these recommende but then again the salesman would say that! Contact us for full details.


Stage lighting instruments are used in stage lighting to illuminate theatrical productions,. The follow spot room is above balcony level at the rear of the Auditorium. Zoomspot, 15A plug, GKV6lamp. ACCLAIM 18°- 34° 600W – 10gab. The wide 24°-40° beam angle is typically used in medium to large theatres, concert . Degree zoom profile 600W version.

Over of the heat is removed from the light beam by a cold mirror and dissipated through the . ACCESSORIES: Chroma Q scroller. Scrolls in stock, details on request. Back plates for PAR6 Source4 . IRIS with blackout and protective heat guard. ADJUSTABLE BALANCE, PLATTEN YOKE DESIGN to ensure best . Distance to proscenium is approx.

Selecon Cyc Light (ground row). This tour has traditionally flown a follow spot bridge to maintain consistent follow. Bid Live on Lot 1in the Stage Lighting and Sound Equipment Auction from Gordon Brothers Europe.