Screwfix led lights gu10

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Long length designed to fit deep fixtures which previously held long. Definitely given the kitchen a fresh bright look about it at night. Needed a bulb replacement in my kitchen and bedroom. Very good value for the price.

The bulb is visible in these ceiling lifghts but the glass body of the LED GUadds to the effect of these lights and looks great. The warm white is not too stark . Please check the suitability of your transformer before selecting your LED.

My older LED bulbs were warm white with a minimal beam angle. These bulbs not only are so much brighter, but the beam angle is fantastic. They gave a very warm light to the Oak beams, which the . The light from both these LED versions is slightly cooler in colour than the halogens they replace but not clinically so, and they appear slightly brighter even . LED lamp provides a bright, focused beam of warm white light.