Police helmet with flashing light

Shop with confidence on eBay! Become the authority figure by wearing one of these excellent police helmets with a blue flashing light on top. Unfortunately you have to make your own siren . To complete the outfit is a black buckle belt, a black truncheon and a black police hat with an attached badge and curved up rim.

Bobby helmet with blue flashing light. Black helmet made from hard plastic with badge and blue flashing light on the top.

A traditional police helmet with a blue flashing light on top – In Stock – Only £ 5. Free delivery on orders over £20. On the top of the helmet is a flashing siren light, hat is hard plastic and has an elasticated chin strap. Varje månad hjälper vi över miljoner svenskar. There are many more products in our store that may be of interest to you.

Just like a police car siren. Black plastic police helmet with blue flashing light. HLS Helmet Emergency Lights (Wig-wag) flashing pattern when the . PVC plastic police hat with blue flashing light.

View our Cops and Robbers costumes and accessories. POLICE HELMET BLUE LIGHT FLASH PLASTIC. Straight from the bobbies on the beat back in london this black hard plastic police helmet with an adjustable neckband features a blue flashing siren light with . Please check out our full range of stock online.

BLACK PLASTIC WITH FLASHING BLUE LIGHT. Wear this fire chief helmet with a detachable red flashing light for a great fire fighter costume accessory. My year old grandson love this hat and the police uniform that was also . Seer Helmets and STG will have the ALL NEW Helmet Lighting System at Bruce. Seer Motor Helmet with built-in flashing emergency lights and rear brake lights.

Hockey Goal Light Hard Hat. Police helmet with flashing siren light. Chase down those baddies with this awesome police hemlet with flashing siren light ! This black hard plastic helmet coming with an elasticated neck band and . Whenever our 2-year-old finds something with a flashing light on it, he holds it on top of his head and runs around shouting “nee-nah nee-nah”.

Sturdy Helmet for Law Officers. With detachable flashing light you got it covered.