Pela 6000 replacement tube

Use this forum to post your Smart related topics ONLY PLEASE. Does anyone know where to buy replacement tubes for this unit. OD Length 120cm (inches) each.

The calibrated walls allow easy measurement of oil extracted. When you insert the withdrawal tube you have to make sure it bottoms out.

Next dump the new oil in, replace the cap and check the dip stick. The price of a replacement was eye-watering, so just cleaned up . Check out the links below to. More Details Basket Contains of this item. Replacement Tube Set for Pela 6L and Pela 2L.

Everything you need is in the box – Simply replace the oil you remove with the. Remove tube and replace dipstick, re-fill with 5.

Insert the extractor tube into the dipstick pipe until it reaches the bottom of the oil. Anyone know if the Pela plastic tube that is inserted into the dipstick is available to purchase separately? I had forgotten when changing the oil I was also going to replace a faulty oil level sensor.

Got it for $at an auto parts. When you are happy with the level, replace the oil cap and the dip stick and go for a drive to. Diameter of Container: Tube : . It saves having to get under the car, the pipe that goes into the dipstick tube is thin and . PELA OIL EXTRACTOR – LARGE PL650.

My car has an oil and filter change every 10K and I replace the oil only every 5K. I fed the tube through the dipstick and starting sucking – nothing came. You must replace the oil filter at the same time. I know my Enzo has the threaded dipstick to where you can attach the hose to it, but have. Oil change sump pump litre.

See all ads in Car Parts – Kilsyth, Glasgow . Since the tubing has no valve or clamp to stop flow, this makes it difficult to. I am thinking of carrying out a DIY oil change and filter replacement.

When you clamp the coolant feed tube , leave enough pipe on the open side of the . Pela Heavy Duty Oil Extractor ▫▫ litre capacity oil vacuum oil extractor ▫▫ The pump unit is housed . Sits on the groun so I would probably have to use all of the hose. About $on Amazon through a vendor (not Amazon direct). View our range of oil drainers for all makes and models. Order online or Click and Collect at the best prices.

Replacing your oil can be a rewarding and enjoyable process. With the necessary tools and parts anyone can conduct an oil change in their driveway.