Parabolic grow light reflector

Our reflectors allow your grow lights to be distributed . Made of white aluminum, vertical socket . This comes in many different . In most parabolic reflectors bulbs are mounted vertically, which has been shown to direct light very intensely into your grow area. These reflectors also tend to be .

With an impressive width of inches, this UltraGROW UG-RPR features a polished aluminum surface to. Insta stretch, plants growing inside the reflector. What size area do you light with your parabolic ? XTRASUN PARABOLIC HV REFLECTORS Xtrasun parabolic HV reflectors feature a bright white finish that delivers all the light down to the plants. Hydroponics Air-Cooled Reflector Inch Light Cool Shade Cool-Tube Grow Hood . All reflectors include the Adjust-a-Socket mounting bracket. Large surface area to enable more light.

Miro-coated Grostar reflector give at least reflection of light.

But most of us use reflectors on our bulbs because reflectors send light. Parabolic Grow Light Reflector – MH or HPS – in. Choosing the right reflector for your HID grow lights can almost double. Perfored aluminium is best so far cause it spread light not concentrate on one point witch can cause plant burn.

Wide-angle, umbrella shape parabolic reflector with a vertical positioning for grow lamps. Suitable for use with CFL, HPS or MH bulbs, the reflector is finished. The lightweight design of this parabolic reflector makes it the best value of all the reflectors we sell. The Adjusta-Watt ballast holds all the . The main benefits of this reflector are: No damage to the plant after spraying with the lights on Covers a wide area evenly Heat from the lamp rises through a grill, . The Maxibright Plus HID reflector is one of our most popular grow light reflectors.

Wide angle open double ended parabolic reflector. The lowest prices and best deals on hydroponics supplies and growing supplies. Supplied with an Elamp holder they are capable of operating . The vertical parabolic open hood reflector has a in. The grow light reflector comes with a white finish reflective aluminum metal reflector for . Most reflectors feature a shape close to parabolic , which directs the light in a single direction with very little “waste”.

Many reflectors have bulb sockets built-in.

I just did a test on a 250w HPS hanging verticaly, I am still amazed! Pair this item with Sun System, Solistek, Powerbox or any other brand that . China Aluminum parabolic reflector lamp shade for ceiling light.