Optimate 4 lights

Optimate Battery Charger pdf . Multi Stage desuphating Volt 1A Automatic battery . OptiMate Dual Program Sales Leaflet – pdf. The lights indicate what the charger is doing and the condition of the battery. Its microprocessor uses these re green, and yellow lights to communicate .

Anyone on here using an optimate and understands the led light system who can tell me if its normal for the. The yellow central charge lights flashing 0. Are any of you using this maintainer? It keeps up the battery fine and with all the lights it looks like. The battery is not recovering as it should.

This product really works if you spend some time understanding the lights and what . Then that same flashing light turns solid green for about min and from. I have that charger, and agree it has a bewildering array of lights.

Ie all the yellow lights in the middle are on and stay on for – mins. For the CAN-bus adaptor (sold separately) please click here. Came to it last Saturday and it was totally dea not even a flicker of life from the dashboard lights. This is an excellent, high quality charger which is good value and . Deutsch, English, Espanõl, Français, Italiano, . I was particulalry interested in the type because it claims to do the. Lights when the battery connections are incorrect.

OptiMATE Dual Program, TM-24 9-step 12V 0. Truly unique diagnostic battery optimiser for 12V lead-acid batteries up to 50Ah, . Ride it during summer, then put it on optimate 1for winter. Fully automatic diagnostic battery charger for all 12V lead acid and gel batteries from 3Ah to 50Ah. THE OPTIMATE BATTERY CHARGER. Ideal for motorcycles, quad bikes and jet skis.

Additional Twin Fog Lights ,ESA Electronic Suspension adjustment. Excellent quality but over complicated. Each machine normally stays on the charger until I take it out for a. As a new XR owner, I need a bit of information on using my optimate trickle charger.

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