Mil light eliminator

Without a catalytic converter the above readings will be outside the parameter of the pre set fault level and will then automatically illuminate the MIL light. Hi all, Just thinking about de-cating the elise , ive been reading that if i want to stop the MIL light on the dash lighting up when the pipe is fitted i . This is due to the increased exhaust temp caused by the lack. New Universal Lambda Extension.

It will fit to ANY vehicle and assist in the smoothing.

The Blox CEL Eliminator is made from high-grade plated steel and simply threads into the existing bung, then the Ois threaded into the CEL Eliminator. After installing cat-less headers, you. Dallas Mustang does sell a set of Mil ( Malfunction Indicator Light ) Eliminators which will get rid of this light for $70. What these do are simulate a pair of working. This is a new Mil Check engine light eliminator for anyone running Catless and getting the mil light.

I bought it for my rear osensor cat but sold . I have been told that the MIL light eliminator , though designed for K series engine , will work for Toyota engines. How to make MIL Eliminators for your Mustang.

If your check engine light is on after an offroad H or X-Pipe, this is the solution. The K Series Parts angle CEL eliminator will keep the annoying check engine light off when you install a race header or high flow cat. It is made out of steel and.

I installed MIL eliminators this past Thursday afternoon. Ford Mustang MIL Eliminators. It turned off and I was driving around yesterday happy that the annoying light was off. I was going to buy one from a forum member for £which i considered to be very good value but this . Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is investigating sales of “MIL eliminator devices” which can turn off the check engine light. It buffers the sensor response, eliminating the check engine light in situations where the catalytic converter has lost some effectiveness or been removed.

Weapon-R has performed careful . Installs in the secondary oxygen sensor hole downstream of the catalytic converter. Installed new pipe right, no leaks, reinstalled all the sensors back in there originals spots on the car, and plugged in my Steeda MIL eliminators. Have your vehicle running right would eliminate the check engine light too and you might get better power and fuel mileage out of it.

THIS OCEL FIX HAS A MINIATURE CATALYTIC CONVERTER BUILT INSIDE AND WILL HELP RID THAT ANNOYING CHECK ENGINE LIGHT YOU GET . About a year or so ago, my check engine light (hereby known as the CEL). Turn off that Malfunction Indicator Light on your dash after removing the cataltyic converters from your offroad race car with UPR MIL Eliminators. Check Engine Light Eliminator for All Cars!

AIRTEC Motorsport MIL Light Cheater. AS performance MIL light cheater. If you fit a de-cat or high flow sports catalyst to your car, you could run the risk . Not to mention, the light also shines like a sun in your face at night. About the Sensor: Building a set of MIL Eliminators gave me a chance to . Brings You Either of These Guaranteed Eliminators ELLIOTT RADIO CORPORATION.

It comes complete with full wave rectifying Mil. So I want to know from people whom own an eliminator if it. He will stand by the eliminator if the MIL light comes on due to a missing second . A Eliminator to your set and plugging in the electric light socket your set is.