Light bulb ring diffuser

They are particularly useful with SNUFFLES in the bedroom to help alleviate a head cold. Place ceramic light bulb ring on low wattage (incandescent) standard light bulb and add a few drops of essential oil for rapid diffusion of aroma. Lamp Ring Diffuser ( Light bulb Ring Diffuser ) for Essential Oils Place this ceramic essential oil ring on any standard low wattage light bulb and add a few drops . Made of ceramic, the lamp ring diffuser is safe. It does not get hot like the red clay , metal or brass rings.

It also does not use as much oil as the other rings.

Heat from the light bulb or radiator will slowly release the fragrance. Pour fragrance oil onto the grove (facing upward) of the ring. Light Bulb Fragrance Oil Ring Lamp Scent Diffuser Essential Oil . The ceramic lamp ring diffuser DISCREETLY scents any LARGE room or area by hiding under your lamp shade! Your guests will never know just how your . Ceramic Light Rings are simple and elegant oil aromatherapy diffusers designed to be warmed by the low-wattage heat of a standard light bulb.

To use, add a few drops of fragrance oil to the diffuser ring , then gently place on a standard light bulb. Be careful not to drip oil onto the bulb. A diffuser lightbulb ring sets directly on top of a light bulb , and you place a drop or two of Essential Oil onto the ring itself.

When the light is switched on, the scent . A glazed ceramic light bulb ring to place on top of a light bulb. Simply add a few drops of essential oil, and it will diffuse the aroma throughout the room. This roun ceramic light bulb ring oil burner is made to rest on top of a regular light bulb.

The heat from the light bulb gently diffuses the fragrance. To use them place the ceramic ring on a light bulb (directly on top of an upright light bulb ) place a . Place a couple of drops of your chosen essential oil into the ring and then place on top of a household light bulb (maximum 60w). Learn all about diffusion and the different types of diffusers that are available. Fill your room with a subtle, relaxing lavender fragrance with our pearlized ceramic lamp rings. Just a few drops of our lavender essential oil in this lamp ring will . An easy and simple way to diffuse the scent of Lavender into a room.

Stylish tabletop diffusers , portable diffusers and more provide you with an easy method for adding . Copper metal with etched leaf . A variety of burners, light – bulb rings , vaporizers and diffusers can be use but keep some common sense safety precautions in mind. An easy way to enhance your home, office, or store with aromatherapy. Lightbulb rings are avaliable from Powells Aromatherapy in both metal and ceramic.

RADIATOR DIFFUSERS These are designed to fit onto radiators. At-home aromatherapy made easy! Add a small amount of oil to the Terra-cotta Light Ring Diffuser and place it firmly on a light bulb.

Instantly turn any ordinary light bulb into an aromatherapy scent diffuser. Brass lamp rings are heat-type diffusers because they use the heat from the light bulb to. Check out these DIY diffuser ideas!

Simply drip one to two drops on the lightbulb of a nightlight or lamp.