Kessil grow light

Rivals the light intensity of a 1watt HPS bulb, with light concentrated into a single point source mixing color into a precision tuned spectrum before it leaves . Advanced LED grow light , plant light , aquarium light solutions for horticulture and. Their ability to produce wavelength specific light is the biggest advantage of LEDs in the indoor growing market. Light is essential to plant growth because it is.

LED advancement is moving forward at lightning speeds.

Shop with confidence on eBay! Using the patented dense matrix light-emitting diode platform, they effectively delivers . At the heart of this device is a patented LED . Feb I have a grow journal going but wanted to post the highlights here since this is the LED forum. I dislike the heat, the cooling aspect, the noise, the wasted light.

The plant biologist is an avid hobbyist . PURPLE General Purpose, Special Penta-band Recipe A general purpose LED grow light that can carry a plant through the whole growth cycle.

Beats the heck out of the clip-on light with the led grow bulb I had on it previously. The light is perfectly blende with wavelengths . With the well established H1product family and the . Each fixture contains two unique full-spectrum blends with UV light. Each spectrum caters to a phase of plant growth so one fixture is all you need.

They produce specific wavelengths of light that plants need during specific. Deep Purple for the vegetation and Magenta for bloom will keep your plants happy! Just wondering of anyone has seen or used these?

I cant find much information regarding their design, but it seems . Kessil Gooseneck Flexible Mounting Arm. Bottom line is that these are the start of the new breed of LED grow lights. Available from Aqua Lab Aquaria. Tuna Flora and larger H3Spectral Halo II as their third grow light. Its a Watts Full Spectrum grow light designed for all stages of indoor plant growth.

Still, fluorescent grow lights are well suited for the very early stages of plant.

LED lights in Magenta, Purple, Blue, Red. The innovative new grow light builds off . Realizing the untapped potential of LEDs in plant lighting , the three of them were inspired to create Kessil. W Wide Angle LED Grow Light , Red.

W LED Grow Light 35 Magenta. Switchable Spectrum One fixture contains two unique full-spectrum blends with UV light.