Kam powercan 70w

Welcome to the Kam Powercan 70W Documents and Downloads section where you will find all support information related to this product. Free delivery and returns on eligible orders. Not much to say other than a nice, quick and simple fixture profile to create. KAM Powercan 70W Please supply ShowXpress Fixture profile.

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First Glimpse of the Kam KMH series – Duration: 5:40. Choose between low or high profile. Ljud Ljus Karaoke DJ-utrustning Casio pianon Gitarrer Inverters Köp Uthyrning Billigt postorder butik Stockholm Krylbo Dörarp Karaokemaskin Mixerbord . Kam LED Powercan 24w Instruction manual version 1. Thank you for purchasing this product.

To optimise the performance, prior to use, please read these . Pcs RGBW 7x10W LED 70W Moving Head Stage Par Lighting DJ Bar . ORGANIZERS: Timothy Kam , Masahiro Fujita. FLASH LED MOVE WASH RGBW 70W.

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