Jacquard lumiere

These lustrous paints have excellent coverage and can be used on . Metallic colours are very brilliant colours with excellent covering capacity. These colours can be used with other Jacquard colours or . Unique range of metallic colours for silk, wool, cotton and synthetic fabrics. Opaque, Lightfast and Non-toxic.

Light body metallic acrylic paint.

These paints were designed to cover dark backgrounds with light . Paints brush on like butter and are designed not to spread. These gorgeous metallic paints spread smoothly and stay flexible. They are a perfect choice for fabric and leather . Fabulous paint that can be used on surfaces from lightweight silk to denim and leather. Colours are exceptionally vibrant metallics and can be used successfully.

Found at Wet Paint Art, These . Gorgeous metallic paints spread smoothly and stay . A redder red than our Crimson from Lumiere.

I now stock a fisty red inde. Versatile metallic paints for use on a variety of surfaces and materials! Lumiere is also beautiful on paper, woo canvas , . All can be diluted with water and beacause they are . Find a huge range of quality Art Supplies at Art To Art, . On light backgrounds they produce a subtle . Notify me when this product is available: Color.

The sparkling collection features metallic and pearlescent tones that are sure to take your piece above and beyond. These stunning, light-bodied paints produce a super soft feel on many . For fabrics, also paper, car wood and leather. This magical paint does it all! Georgeous metallic paints spread . Due to carrier restrictions, we do not ship paint to international . See Resources for Jacquard Lumiere. Optional, but these paints are so wonderful, you should choose at least a couple for your start—up supply.

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