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MARS HYDRO Led Grow Light, Full Spectrum Grow Lights for Greenhouse Indoor Plants Veg and Flower,Growing Light Bulbs for Hydroponics (MarsII 7W). Will Out-Yield ANY Competitor Guaranteed! Have never lost an Independent Side-by-Side Grow Test. Recessed or surface mounted with Delta louvres and hardened glass sheet in various sizes for demanding environments.

Dust and moisture proof with IP 65 . Recently , we got a lot customers to tell us they want to DIY their Mars hydro LED.

Hydro LED features a modern design that blends well into any type of setting . LED Paradise: Specialist in LED Grow Lights. The high technological expertise achieved by the Disano Group in both the design and industrial . BAR12- 60cm (feet) 12V DC Led Grow Bar Light Full Spectrum. Mars Hydro Mars Pro II Epistar LED Grow Light.

BAR24- 60cm (feet) 12V DC Led Grow Bar Light Full Spectrum. Products – Hydro Experts LED Ultimate Package – Mars Reflector 1- 120CM x. Read our full product review to find out more!

CE and RoHS Certification: MARS HYDRO is manufacturer and sells lights on Amazon directly. All MARS HYDRO LED Grow Lights, made of insulating material , . LED (light emitting diode) bulbs are the newest and most energy efficient lighting option available. LEDs last a long time and save you money. W HPS or HID traditional grow light.

FASTER, BIGGER, MORE FLAVOR AND MORE COLOR OPTIMIZED INGREDIENTS ESPECIALLY . I have been using the mars- hydro 3for the past year (with the 5watt leds , not the 3watt) . MarsHydro Reflector LED Grow Light Review – 480W Full Spectrum. Over the years different variations have evolve improving . You can get a best grow light for your indoor garden within your small budget! Want to know about the light? Free shipping and no sales tax!

With the introduction of commercially-viable LED lamps and fixtures, businesses can expect unprecedented savings in their electricity costs for lighting – up to. Leading UK horticulture and hydroponics distributor on LED HYDRO SOLUTIONS. Getting the right LED grow light for . The mars II series is an incredibly powerful and reliable grow light.

A lot of Manitobans will soon have to get used to the new LED lighting.

As a re-invented version of our . Manitoba Hydro started a province-wide conversion to LED lights in the . Developer, Manufacturer and Retailer of patented LED Grow Lights for Horticultural use in Universities, Greenhose, Multi-Layer Facilities, Personal Gardens and . Welcome to the future of indoor growing.