Htc26 42 ballast

This multi wattage ballast will work the following lamps,. W Tx 1 2 36W T8. Lighting Control Gear Easy Control Gear Categories High Frequency Ballasts Arlen EFA Categories High Frequency Ballasts Arlen EFA . We stock the full range of Arlen Digital High Frequency Ballasts. This Ballast is obsolete please order HTC – as its equivalent. This Arlen HTC 26Single Ballast for use with 26- watt rated Compact Fluorescent Lamps.

This 110-240V ballast has dimensions of 235x30x21mm. Earth Leakage Current (Max). Promotional items HTC- HF Ballast £23. HTC154-HF ballast PC 2/TPRO £ 14. Venture Discharge Control Gear.

ELT Magnetic Ballasts for Fluorescent lamps. Vossloh Schwabe Magnetic Ballasts for Fluorescent . See website for list of compatible electronic ballasts. The Tridonic 1/2×26- TC Pro is an energy saving long life lighting ballast , specifically designed for 4-pin compact fluorescent lamps.

See below pages for list of compatible electronic ballasts. LED PLC Retrofit Ballast Compatibility. Je zou een ballast voor PL lampen kunnen gebruiken, zoals hier staan:. – of 4- Find Arlen electronic ballast htcfrom top brands such as GE and Philips at Bizrate.

This is the ultimate multi-lamp ballast it will operate the following lamps:-,X 22. W, 25W, 30W 36W Tor X PL-C or PL-T 26W HTC- 42E TWIN 240V . HF Ballast for x Watt (TC-D) x 2 Watt (TC-T) – 2Volt -+ , 123 .