Ge 2d 28w 4 pin 835 white

Colour Rendering Index Ra, 82. Shop with confidence on eBay! GE Lighting 2D tube for use in bulkheads. The 2D 28w 4pin 8( White ) tube with a GR10q base.

Save in energy usage versus incandescents with this GE CFL Butterfly Lamp.

D 38W Pin 8White Good quality product Great value pack. This watt 2d has a GRcap fitting and a white colour finish. Fluorescent 2D 28W Pin 8GR10. Unique shape gives even light distribution. NOTE: A new 24W version is now . Extra Warm White = 8- Standard White = 8and Cool White = 840.

Compact energy efficient lamp for use in low profile fittings.

GE 2D 28W magnetic retrofit LED 2D4P 12. Energy efficient Halogen Candle light bulbs. Great service, low prices, same day shipping. Find the – Pin 2D you need.

Compact Flourescent (CFL) Bulbs are guaranteed to save on your electricity bills compared to standard light bulbs. They have a longer life, reach full brightness . It has a 28W power consumption and gives off a white light. The flat profile makes the 2D٠Watt-Miser٠an ideal choice for building into slim, attractive luminaire. Its two dimensional shape is suitable for both up lighting and.

This includes all their 2D – PLQ – Square light bulbs, fluorescent tubes and control. And are ideal for low-profile wall and ceiling luminaires. Nothing worse than being sat in the dark. This quality bulb brings cool white light at a low.

Advice on changing 2d light bulbs or fluorescent strip lights in your Home Group home. Sylvania Lynx-QE 28W 8White 4pins GR10q.

The 2D compacts come in main sizes, the 16w, 28w and 38w lamps. Ge 28w Pin Watt Miser Biax 2d 8White Compact. We stock a great range of products at . Single-ended four – pin plug-in GR10q base . GE 28W – Pin Watt-Miser Biax 2D 8White Compact .