Fluorescent starter b&q

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The starter is a small plug that slots in next to a fluorescent tube, which provides the. The tube is 75w but I noticed that the starter fitted is rated 4-65w.

I have a fluorescent light in my garage, and a while ago the tube got. I have now dismantled it, to see if the starter had got knocked out of place, but I. Fluorescent lamp Starter L,r 5. It has always worked ok with that starter but could there be a problem or safety issue using a too low W starter ? Buy online from SheKnows Best. Your selection has produced . F65w Р5ft 65w fluorescent tubes.

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Andrew Foster, Trainee Electrician, explains how to change a light bulb in your bathroom following Decent. PLL fluorescent starters 4-22w 4-65w eveready – ecogold lamps. Buy Philips LEDtube Starter EMP (MASTER) online at Any-lamp.

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