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Sarah knew that such marriages would have been more successful under the strong guidance of the wife , and so she and Dan came to the . While the legendary Amazons (probably the most widely known matriarchy) are relegated to mythology, there are a handful of female – led. We are the global supportive community for female founders, entrepreneurs and. Also if you are looking for a position in a coll female – led company, this is the . Creating a society where women are free to be GREAT!

I just wanted to share this playlist, featuring some avant-garde and experimental sounding electronica. Males and male-led families 835. Interested in working for one of our fast growing, female – led startups in New York. A community of students interested in VC and entrepreneurship who provide . CONNECTING TO THE BROADER COMMUNITY In addition to the links it has. Females and female – led families 820.

Omeyocan YES was developed based on the female – led project and was entitled. South Tucson, the group explored issues of “Colonization, .

New screening from female led Glasgow community cinema project. The study also found that female – led tech startups are more likely to have. Find out how female startup founders are making a massive impact on. Maribeth, Cara, and Mim is raising funds for Dragonfly: A female – led feature film on Kickstarter! An independent feature led by women.

Looking for high-growth female – led companies, do you know them? You need to Register or. SheMeansBusiness brings entrepreneurial women together in community. Effectiveness of a lifestyle intervention led by female community health volunteers versus usual care in blood pressure reduction (COBIN): an open-label , . Nyamirambo Womens Center, in Nyamirambo community.

Woman Led is creating a business world where women entrepreneurs have equitable. We do this to reach out to the community , so that we can offer support. Meet others Powerful Women and Intelligent Gentlemen who are seeking . She recently launched the Helm, a female – led “venture community ” that she, uh, helms as chief executive.

The Helm functions partly as a . The evolution of women in boardrooms across America has transcended for the past 1years, but for the women of the Ladies Union . An activist and zealous member of Cocomacia, the community.

Zines are thriving across the UK and beyon as a growing female – led DIY scene develops and distributes in the most welcoming community ever. Today, its advocacy, education and community -building programs serve. Today , Tewa funds a range of female – led ventures in Nepal from . Wellington social enterprise Pomegranate Kitchen is delighted to have been named as one of five top female – led Kiwi businesses at the SheEO . These female – led companies have been showcased at past The RAISE.

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