F100w 35 fluorescent tube

Great cheap price on 100w 8ft Ttubes. Argon fill halophosphate tube ,100W 1. Fluorescent Lighting Selection Guide. Length quoted for a fluorescent tube includes the pins at each end!

For use in luminaires and installations where TStandard is not suitable. This watt Tfluorescent tube has a Gcap fitting and a white colour finish. LAMPS – TFLUORESCENT TUBES. I felt the fluorescent tubes remained significantly cheaper and produced.

THE GE LIGHTING LAMP CATALOGUE. Whatever type of fluorescent tube you are looking for, we have an extensive range from Tto Tin various lengths, whatever the wattage and colour . Sylvania Standard F100W -5(calibrate to display), zelandeth. This article looks at the different options to consider: Should you stock up on . The numbers in the above table show the colour code reference that your bulb will say on it. F18W/ refers to the watt halophosphate fluorescent tube.

Wide range of standard Tfluorescent lamps in various wattages and colours. Product selected: F100W -535. An extensive range of standard mm diameter fluorescent tubes available in various lengths and colours. Tube Lighting – BQ for all your home and garden supplies and advice on all the latest DIY trends.

A range of Tfluorescent lamps for use with general lighting applications. Optimum luminous flux at an ambient temperature of approx 35ºC. Sylvania 8W Tfluorescent tube warm white 5302mm Gcap.