Etch web pendant light

This dramatic shade is formed from sheet metal which has been digitally acid-etched to create a pattern of irregular . Made of sections of etched metal sheets in stainless steel or brass, this pendant light has a detailed cutaway design that creates entrancing patterns along its . Matt Blatt offers a wide range of stylish. Light bulb: x E2 max 40W. Adjustable cord length: max .

Receive an award winning customer service and Free shipping. Precise angular formations construct a . ETCH WEB is a vast 60cm wide shade with an unusual open structure, designed to cast atmospheric angular shadows when lit. Another experiment in our long . We offer international shipping. Available also in stainless steel.

Competitive prices, free shipping. A vast 60cm wide shade with an unusual open structure that is both lightweight and space-filling.

It has irregular pentagons that form an open structure made of stainless steel or brass- plated . This large, prominent fixture is made through the process of digital photo-acid etching onto . This fantastic light is made from stainless steel and is a high quality replica light available . New addition to the much-loved ETCH family. The enormous globe is made . A space filling shade made from photo-etched . Need pendant lights to brighten up your house? Each of the brass panels that comprise the shade are only 0. Buy low price, high quality tom dixon etch web light with worldwide shipping on. ETCH WEB design pendant lamp is a vast 65cm wide shade with an unusual open structure, designed to cast atmospheric angular shadows when lit.

Inspired by mathematics and geometry. Fast Delivery offered on all . Etch Web Pendant エッチウェブペンダント. Black and white striped textile electrical cable.

A digitally manufactured pendant light etched from metal. Made by employing an industrial process used to produce electronic parts, the method allows for . Its central feature is its shade, which is completely made of metal.

An irregular pentagon shape is repeated times across the body to create . Visit our showroom in Melbourne, Esternwick or buy online. This most recent webbed addition is . Produced by Design Connected. TOM DIXON DESIGN ETCH WEB PENDANT SILVER.