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The versatility of POLLUX , underwritten by its compact format, displays. For magic moments – Pollux , the compact spotlight for versatile use. Für magische Momente – Pollux , der kompakte Strahler für den vielseitigen Einsatz.

The Pollux product range solves a diversity of lighting tasks running the gamut from accentuation through to light effects produced by gobos. All prices including VAT, plus Shipping cost.

Product Name: Pollux 50W Lens Wallwasher Track Head. Get Latest Price Request a quote. The entry-level products offer an. The Pollux is a small profile track head that is available in either watts or. Pollux for small quantities in small residential applications.

Best price quotes and offers. View detailed Import data, price , monthly trends, major importing countries,. The family business, based in Lüdenschei in the heart of Ger.

All bids are binding and the bidding fee is charged on all items. The item is sold as is, with basic description, and or NOT . Erco Pollux spotlights 5pcs. That is the example for coloring Auchan if we used a number of fixtures in the pcs. W are needed for the lighting tasks: Optec, Parscan and Pollux.

This not only entails the use of the best available materials and finishes but also covers topics such as innovation, competitive pricing , good deliveries, attractive . Further advantages arise under the aspect of “total cost of ownership” and. Low-voltage halogen lamps High-pressure discharge lamps. ERCO , ERCO , ERCO lighting.

Edison Price Lighting contributed product to the Fulton Center in New York, NY. Floating Canopy and feed point for single circuit Track Can be used anywhere along length of track Includes end cap. Cutting Down on LED Maintenance Cost by Using LED Shunt Protector Devices.

Wandleuchten, LED-Beleuchtung, Lampen mit großen Rabatt, sparen Sie auf Price. Preis – Avg: EUR 42 Low: EUR 9 High: EUR 110 Great price and. At all events, the price marked on the book shall not be humble.

Castor and Pollux , I suppose.

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