Shop with confidence on eBay! Here is my quick response mispronouncing the . In this excerpt from Photography QA: Real Questions. Zack Arias questions on cheap eBay lights , gear lust, low light, . Just saw these on eBay, looks like a kessil knockoff with a good spectrum.

I dont see how the K bulb puts out anymore UV than the 20K bulb. Now the K might be more intense which could cause a burn. After selling both my bc29s and upgrading to my 1i forgot about little tanks. Well that didnt last long i recently started a fluval chi pico.

I did a few test and this was one of the last test I did. I aimed the lights about feet from the bottom of the tree. Find ebay lights ads from Queensland.

Buy and sell almost anything on Gumtree classifieds.

Being one of those people that Will Rogers described as needing to pee on the electric fence themselves in order . Dealextreme have the same light set a little cheaper ($including shipping.) I got a torch from dealextreme with the same LED emitter . Whitepages people search is . Gday guys i am interested in getting into l. I just bought one of these lights. Guys and gals, I need your opinion on this. I found this item on ebay: . Living RooSensational Design Ideas Chandelier For. Super odd question but does anyone know if the handheld UV lights on eBay are legit UV lights that output in the nm spectrum they claim?

I think I should probably focus . Anybody bought some lights on Ebay ? I am looking for the Newcomdigi 54xlight. Lured by the high luminus, lumini, lumenses? LM found on alot of the ebay headlights.

I finally spent the $and ordered a magicshine clone. I have heard alot of different opinions on ebay lights.

My buddy purchased these on ebay and worked out good. My Rhino on the left has the high beams on. HPS bulbs on ebay, and came up with this:. Camping and Caravanning Equipment. Just wondering weather to get a light off ebay as there nearly 50quid cheaper than going down the owd shop so im just wondering if anyone . CLK-Class (W209) – Ebay lights – Does anyone have any pictures of what these ebay lights look like installe or any personal experience with .