Digital ballast

A digital ballast is a piece of lighting equipment often used in small and large growrooms. There are three basic types of ballasts: magnetic, electronic, and . Buy and shop for the best, inexpensive, cheap digital and electronic ballasts for MH and HPS grow lights for your hydroponics garden and indoor grow room. Digital or Magnetic Ballasts ? There are some cost savings to be ha find out more in our article.

For more information on the ballast test and a link to the infographic click here: . The Phantom dimmable digital ballast. The only ballast on the market designed for vertical operation for coolest running and optimum grow space. The DigiDrive from Maxigrow is a decent quality digital ballast that features a 4- way dimmer switch to give you complete control over the power output to your . Both ballasts share similar components but the electronic ballast does not have a brain. Pair this item with Sun System, Solistek, Powerbox or any other brand that . They offer an improved design and increased efficiency, while .

These three parts are most often built into the ballast casing. This Lumatek ballast is capable of operating at either 60 75 or 0watts and features a dual voltage design . New electronic , dimmable 600w ballast from the Lumii Black range. The AgroMax dimmable digital ballast is a premium-quality, high-output digital electronic ballast , made specifically for horticultural use. The ballasts features High-Frequency.

LUCIUS DIGITAL BALLAST DIMM 400W. This paper proposes a novel two-stage electronic ballast used to supply automotive high-intensity-discharge (HID) lamps with low-frequency square- wave . Abstract: This paper investigates a two-stage low-frequency square-wave (LFSW) electronic ballast with a combined analogue and digital control. When setting up your indoor hydroponic garden, one must take many things into consideration. One of which is the purchase of a ballast that will. FAQ: Frequently asked questions regarding digitally dimmable ballasts by Tridonic.

Designed especially for greenhouses and hydroponic systems, these fixtures offer . Find great deals on eBay for digital ballast and carbon filter. Nanolux electronic ballast circuits used technology in compact, making it smaller than any other electric motor market place allowing us even in the same . The Xtrasun CMh 315W ballast is a remotely operate low frequency, square- wave digital ballast designed specifically for the 315W high intensity ceramic . This ballast has never been used besides testing.

Quantum is a premium brand I am. The initial burst of voltage to the lamp is known as the strike. The GE Instant-Start 120-Volt Electronic Ballast is class B electronic ballast for use with ft.

The use of digital ballasts will result in longer ballast and lamp life and less depreciation of lumen and PAR output over time. HORTITEK RAIDER DIGITAL BALLAST is the first choice for expert gardeners. Featuring all new housing for a cooler operation, silent, fanless design for optimal. I have different digital ballasts running 6watts each. You can switch them from mh to hps by changing bulbs.

I bought both ballasts on eBay . A ballast is the power supply for your grow lamp. The cost of magnetic ballasts is also about half that of a digital ballast.