Cool tube reflector

The Air- Cooled HID Reflector 150mm (inch) measures at 70CM long x 50CM wide and 20CM deep, it gives your garden wide area of coverage possible in an. It features highly reflective aluminum, Pyrex glass, and can be . I have to disagree with the above statements. Product image of cool tube with reflector wings attached.

Everest runs through the pros and cons of using air-cooled reflectors.

Everything you need to grow. Dimensions: 153cm x 483cm Durable Pyrex Glass Tube All Stainless Steel and Aluminum Construction, Internal and External Reflectors included. The quality construction features a highly reflective specular aluminum interior reflector , for directing light more precisely . Air cooled Reflector Air- Cooled with a flange to attach your ducting directly to the reflector.

HID Cooling Tube for Grow Lights today! LOW prices and FAST shipping on Grow Lights and more at . Warm air that is given off by the lamp is sucked out, .

Air Cooled Reflector can uniformly cover even your largest growing area. Manufactured using Reflective Specular German . Hydro Crunch offers affordable and quality indoor garden equipment for start-up and for seasoned growers. Our reflectors allow your grow lights to be distributed.

The CoolTube is a classic air-cooled reflector design. The lamp is housed inside a completely sealed tube. The tube has some reflective material mounted to the . Our unit features an XXL add on reflector and utilizes an air tight . We are your premier indoor grow box systems mega store.

Cooltube reflectors are an effective way of minimising the heat output that HID lamps emitt allowing the grower to position the light units within a far less distance . Air-Cooled Reflector is the ideal solution for minimizing heat build-up problems in a grow room. Cool – Tube Reflector 8″ (200mm). Internal and external reflectors . Open-ended design allows for operating of two fans for maximized cooling. Cooltube Reflector with Add-on x XL Wing Weight (lbs): Flange .

SunKing Aero reflectors attach directly to the top of your existing cool shade to create a much more even light spread around the canopy, adding consistency . A new innovate reflector for the traditional cool tube which improves the light. So you end up with a cool tube that removes heat in the most efficient way . Cool Tube Reflector and other grow systems.