Citronella lamp oil b&q

Diall Citronella Oil 1L – BQ for all your home and garden supplies and advice on all the latest DIY trends. This Blooma oil torch has a Unscented fragrance. A lamp and torch oil based on natural citronella extracts for outdoor use only. It has been used for many years . Size: 12cm (Width) x 12cm (Depth) x 30cm (Height).

Will look great on your garden table especially with scented lamp oil to add to the atmosphere or citronella. In my case, I have an antique oil lamp (see below). You need to fill them with oil only. Is citronella oil similar or good to use for fire juggling?

I use one part citronella oil, one part tea tree oil and four parts water,. Garden Oil Lamps, Gel fuel, gel fuel burner. Well paraffin was the usual fuel used in oil lamps other than whale oil. The question is how much of a need is there for citronella oil where the OP . We use B and Q Citronella oil in our parrafin lamps. Lamp Oil is Very High Grade Kerosine.

These decorative garden oil torches are made from all-weather protected. Fill with Citronella torch oil – litre, which contains pure citronella. Anyone have any idea where I can buy citronella oil ? I need it for a bamboo torch.

John I wonder if Citronella ( lamp Oil to keep the bugs away) available in BQ would work? Gallery Of Circo Baby Elephant Lamp. The Black Cone Automated Tiki Torch.

In BQ , the The Bernzomatic TS7000T http://tinyurl.