Citronella garden flares

These are approximately 25cm long and naturally repel insects with the citronella oil that is in them. They have a windproof wick and long burning time. They can be stuck in the ground to provide some ambient lighting around the . Visit us today for the widest range of Insect Control products.

The garden flares are cased in 24s – mixed colours.

This wind resistant candle flare lasts up to eight hours and allows you to create a. Garden Oil Lamps, Gel fuel, gel fuel burner. Buy online from Opie Oils for delivery to your home, workplace or mechanic. It began to get dusky and cold. Citronella Burner and Coil Pack. Abigail and Teague lit citronella garden flares and stuck them in the flower . Visit Bunnings New Zealand today to find your nearest store!

Total length including wooden cane is approx 60cm (2).

Availability: Available in selected stores. I boughtasmall metal garden tableandchair on whichI planned to eat myevening. Two garden flares with citronella oilaround the rim helped ward them off long . A large, lemon scented candle flare for the garden. Insects are repelled by the citrus scent the flare gives off on combustion. Each flare candle is printed with a re white, and blue star design.

Contains real citronella oil. Great for patios, yards, and outdoor . Essential citronella oil is the active natural ingredient in all Waxworks. Place our flares along the garden paths or along the paved area (patio) to create an enchanting, . Keep the mosquitoes at bay with our rustic citronella flares. Bright Light to create a great ambient around the . We stock citronella candles to help keep the bugs away, pretty floor and table lanterns, bamboo torches to highlight your favourite spots in the garden , and . STATUS: In stock at the following stores. Using citronella oil in oil burning torches . I assume one would fill the canister completely with citronella torch oil and light the wick.

How far should the wick protrude?

H:1m Mix of colours Burn time hours Colour will be chosen at random when your order is processed. A must for any outdoor evenings, emitting a gorgeous citronella aroma that keeps . Free Delivery on orders over £50. HOW TO MAKE WINE BOTTLE CITRONELLA CANDLES.

You can find these at Home Depot in the garden hose section,alot less then copper . Made with real citronella oil Natural aroma,.