Citronella garden candles uk

Citronella Tealights Candles Burn Time Hours, 1. Add atmosphere to your outdoor spaces and repel insects with our range of citronella candles and more. Keep unwanted bugs at bay with this gorgeous . Visit your local store for the widest range of garden products. Insect repellent candles – citronella , lavender, bog myrtle and provence garden herbs.

Fill the air with fresh citrus fragrance from this highly scented citronella garden candle.

Home UK Delivery 3-working days: £3. We stock a range of both normal and citronella candles so that you can spend your time in the garden pest free. Biodegradable, environmentally friendly, low priced outdoor candles. Place around your garden or patio when you have an outdoor summer party.

We stock a large range of outdoor products such as bamboo garden torches, garden flares, outdoor flame bowls, citronella candles , outdoor candle holders, . Prices Patent Candles Lt Product Listing. FREE UK DELIVERY on orders over. Qty : Provence Garden Holder Silver.

Capturing the essence of balmy nights spent in the garden , this green, dewy scent heightens the spirit of Summer.

Stunning in its simplicity, a flurry of freshly cut . Beautifully rustic citronella candles in a rugged clay pot. Burn outside to fill the air with the . Boyz Toys – Wax Garden Flare (pack) £7. A large citronella candle in a brightly coloured bucket, smelling great and repelling nearby insects. Handmade Candles , luxury Scented Candles. Buy eco-friendly citronella candles at.

Warning: For outdoor use only. These Garden Candles will illuminate your outdoor areas with a pleasant glow. Description, Technical Specs. Outdoor Candle to help keep insects away this summer. Infused with citronella , it keeps midges and mosquitoes at bay while providing a delicate citrus scent.

A super cute glass flower pot . These are approximately 25cm long and naturally repel insects with the citronella oil that is in them. They have a windproof wick and long burning time. Materials and Equipment needed. Buy Candles : Delivery by Crocus.

St Eval English hedgerow citronella candle.