Car drives on ceiling

Buy Hype 2-in-Wall Climber RC Car : Toy RC Vehicles – Amazon. Driving on the road is so old-fashioned – Get ready to drive upside down! CEILING AND WALL CLIMBER REMOTE CONTROL ANTI GRAVITY RACING CAR. My son loves to drive this car up the walls and has lots of fun with it.

The zero gravity car is capable of using gravity, if you see fit. Who remembers Agent Kay taking the MIB Ford LTD Crown .

The first wall climbing car that drives on any flat surface! Drive up or down on walls, floors or ceilings. Infrared control: drives forwards, backwards, left or right. Drive it straight on the floor and when it gets . But it does stick to walls thanks to the vacuum it creates via a little fan in the . Remote control car that drives on the ceiling and the walls without problem. Great on the ceiling , but not so good on the wall, and terrible on the floor.

A suction fan works as a vacuum feature and allows the car to drive. It works great on smooth surfaces, but if you have a popcorn ceiling , .

Built with incredible Wall Climber Technology, watch as this car defies gravity as you drive forward and turn right and left on floors, walls, glass and ceilings. Buy RC Wall Climb Car from our Other Occasions range at Tesco direct. Get the Wall Climbing RC Car at SharperImage. Car charges directly from the controller. Drives on the groun on the wall or on the ceiling.

Drive along the floor, up the walls and even onto the ceiling ! Think racing remote control cars is fun? Wait until you try these RC racing cars that not only race on the floor but can drive on walls and ceilings ! BRING YOUR RC CAR EXPERIENCE TO NEW HEIGHTS! This remote controlled car can drive on ceilings or the walls! The Matrix had bullet time, Jurassic Park had resurrected reptiles, and . Have fun and challenge friends with the RC Wall Climbing Car ! Remote Control Wall Racer – Drive this Remote Control Wall Racer up vertical.

This zero gravity, wall crawler car can even drive on ceilings. Wall and floor drive , Smoothly drive on the wall, the panel, the ceiling or the glass. This car uses suction to stick to any surface, letting you drive it on the floor, walls, or even the ceiling ! Cheap car gas remote control, Buy Quality car offroad directly from China toy lego.

Special Features: Special vacuum feature that allows the car to drive.

This car really climbs walls and works on the ceiling , but be sure the surface you drive on. Spin Master defies gravity as it can drive on walls and ceilings , not just on the ground. Buy Wall Racer Control Car – Find a superb collection of toys and games from Hamleys.