Apple kugel

I had this at a friends house and when we got home, my husband insisted that I call her to get the recipe – so I did. Perfect for those of us who have always wanted to eat dessert first, or at least with the meal. This recipe is so easy to make and very tasty! I make them in cupcakes for shabbes as a sidedish!

This comforting kugel tastes much richer than it is, and it is certainly lighter than a traditional kugel . Beating and folding the egg whites into this apple noodle dish gives it an airy texture.

Cinnamon and golden raisins are dotted throughout this sweet casserole. Passed down for generations, Cinnamon Apple Noodle Kugel is a sweet and comforting side dish the whole family loves, especially with my . Noodle kugels, or baked puddings, abound in Ashkenazic Jewish cookery, and this particular version makes an outstanding dessert or brunch dish. Recipe with video instructions: Frankie is making kugel his way, with apple cinnamon and Italian cheeses, for. With tart apples and a sweet caramel drizzle, make this Caramel Apple Kugel for Rosh Hashanah and be prepared not . But I really wanted to create a sweetened version of noodle kugel for Rosh Hashanah this year using some fresh, . This sweet Apple Noodle Kugel recipe is perfect for celebrating Jewish holidays!

Sour cream, cottage cheese, and a cinnamon-sugar topping . Nitra Ladies Auxiliary Recipe By Nitra Ladies Auxiliary.

Passover Apple Kugel (Gluten Free). I had a recipe that I used to prepare every Rosh Hashanah and occasionally for Shabbos…but then I tasted my cousin Leah K. How thin do I slice the apples? What type of apples should I use. Apple kugel is a popular variation on Jewish kugel, which is a baked dessert usually made with egg noodles.

Get Creamy Matzo- Apple Kugel Recipe from Food Network. At least one person (KATIE) asked . In a small greased casserole dish, pour the kugel batter. Next arrange your apple slices in the batter. You may arrange them any way you . This grain-free version is sweetened only with local honey . Good as a side, breakfast, dessert or snack!

Rediscover the age-old comfort of homemade savory pudding. Fontina cheese and Granny Smith apples enhance a classic potato kugel. I went with sweet fall flavors: cranberry apple kugel.

Calories in Meal Mart Apple Kugel. It is served as a kugel, (a side for the main course on Shabbat), . Apples, peeled and sliced (or Asian Pears).