Ai sol lights

WHAT ARE MY CHOICE OF LIGHTS ? On our website there are two versions of the SOL light advertised. All from the Heartland of America. Built-in Wi-Fi means this LED is the full package.

Developed using our innovative, often copied but never duplicated Puck system. The AI Sol is the original modular LED light.

AI Prime HD Aquarium LED Black – AquaIllumination Light Reef Saltwater B21. Connect, mount and hang one or multiple lights together . Got them installed last night and im Truly amazed at these little lights. Featuring many of the same components of the AI Sol , the AI Nano highlights and shines on your corals, allowing them to flourish under the precision lighting. As a former Sol owner, and now a Hydra owner, I believe the quality and price are a very good value when compared to other lighting systems. The ultimate in LED light control, longevity, and energy savings delivers in excellent coral growth.

Availability: Normally Ships in 3-Days. Managing your light is a right, not a privilege. Configure and control multiple AI-FI lights.

I just got AI SOL lights in various stages of operation. Some have a single LED out, some a whole puck, some bad . Plan to have SPS, LPS, a few fish and inverts, . AI SOL lights for 210G SPS tank – Trying to decide on what lights to use for my 210G in-wall tank. I received my ALC today and installed the AI Sol fixture on my nano. I am having a problem getting the light to work. You could definitely do it, but the way the lights are wired would make settings a little bit odd.

I have the latest firmware . SOL Whites have two white and one bue diode. In addition to the characterization of light by its intensity and distribution, the spectral distribution is also of interest. Light sources emit light at varying amounts at . A set of feet which can be used alongside the AI SOL rail kits to mount your LEDS. I have AI Sol Blue lights with black cases for sale. Comes with power supplies, data cables, controller and a EXT rail kit.

Yesterday I had to unplug the three AI Sol Blue LED lights , twice, when I was untangling the mess of wires, when I got the mess of wires . Not suitable for the Hydra lighting units . Used (normal wear) – Up for sale are AI Super Sol Blue LED Lights with control used for a saltwater fish tank. AI Hydra Color Led Module Black Housing.

These lights have been well taken care of and are . AI Hanging Wire Kits SOL hanging wire kits allow you to easily hang and. Aqua illumination Hydra HD Led Lighting.